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Objetos de Cura

vídeo arte de autoria de Bruno Duque e Thatiane Mendes

Objetos de cura - Belo Horizonte, 2012

“Healing Objects” makes a reference to those objects of videogames which prolongs the role of the character inside the game. They restore the life of this character which therefore takes longer to die (or lose), what delays the playing because later on, when he loses, he ́s taken back to a previous stage.
In videogames despite there’s an relation conecting “life” with the goal of the game, the the chance of repeting that stage allows you to experiment without fear, going on unaccostumed ways, trying to reach goals which aren’t the “main goal” of the game.
In real life there isn’t the possibilty of “being taken back to a previous stage”, of changing deliberately, and without preocupations, our aims. What’s done can’t be undone by pushing the “RESET” buttom.
Real life isn’t mesure by the number of possible deaths and time expent but by health. The goals of “real life” aren’t clear. We have free will, therefore we make our own goals by assuming them. Each individual person has their own goals and we cannot sense their objetivies when they are passing in the streets. We also cannot see their obstacles.
Therefore in games the free will is conditioned by the programing of the game’s creator.

Objetos de Cura - Barcelona, 2010

A primeira versão de objetos de cura foi criado em Barcelona e exposta da Kitchen Gallery nesta mesma cidade em 2010.

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